Ruby Roo

Ruby Roo has her own juice line that is amazing, but her reviews are also spot on, simple and helpful.

Another great source for simple, to the point reviews.  She does coil build tutorials that are very helpful.

Maybe one of the most widely watched reviewers who also has designed some great products.  His videos have his signature choppy editing that you have to get used to, but his reviews are always worth watching.

One of the most popular reviewers who has an extraordinary breadth of knowledge about all things vaping.  His videos are entertaining and he posts time stamps so you can skip to the sections you find most interested.

One of the most respected and knowledgeable reviewers who goes into great detail about each product he reviews.  His website is a treasure trove of vaping information.

Another highly knowledgeable and down to earth reviewer with practical advice about vaping equipment.

A Bloody Good Vaping

This quixotic British reviewer takes on a lot of the high end products and explains the best building protocols.


If you want a no nonsense review of the major products in the industry, Heathen is one of the best.


If you want a complete, in-depth technical review of vape products, this is the guy.

Jai Haze

Fast becoming one of my favorite reviewers, Jai Haze is a no-nonsense, get to the point reviewer and he is prolific.

Todd's Reviews

Mark Todd is a quirky, self-effacing Scottish reviewer who has been in the vaping industry for years.  His reviews are substantive and often include tutorials about wicking and building.  I have learned a great deal from him.

AmitionZ Vaper

A Boston guy with the best comparison videos on YouTube. Great tutorials, product reviews and no-nonsense advice.

Mike Vapes

If you ever want to learn about a product and be confident that you will get the pros and cons of any vaping product, Mike is my "go to" guy

These are some of my favorite YouTube reviewers.  

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