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April 15, 2017

The Basics:

Vaping Basics for Beginners:


            Vaping can be very simple and basic, and it can be very complicated and consume all of your waking hours  My wife and I are good examples of how different people approach vaping  My wife wants only a few devices that are simple to use, turn on when they are supposed to, give her a nice vape when she wants it, and are easy to fill with e-juice.  She doesn’t want to get involved in learning about all the different mods, atomizers, coils, batteries and such.  She just wants to vape when she wants to vape.


            I, on the other hand, dove headfirst into the rabbit hole of the vaping industry and it has become a hobby, some might say, an obsession.  But, it took me a while to understand the many  options among products and I am still a novice compared to the folks who have been doing this for years.  So, to help those of you who are just getting into vaping, here is my effort to make things simple for you. This is a basic introduction, not an exhaustive review of all that is out there.  It took me a while to figure out all the terms and I wish I had found a simple, basic introduction like this.  


            I also suggest taking a look at the amazing Vaping site maintained by Phil Busardo and his video explaining things for beginning vapers along with his glossary of vaping terms and other articles to help you get started.  You might also take a look at the videos on a UK Vapor Club site about both beginning and advanced vaping issues.


The Main Parts of Vaping Equipment (Most Basic):


Mods:            The basic power device, the thing that provides power, it holds either replaceable and                                          rechargeable batteries or is a fixed battery that gets hooked up for charging. Mods come in all                          shapes and sizes.  Some are called "tube mods" and look like a tall cylinder.  Some are called                              "box mods" and are square or rectangular or curved.  Some have electronic chips inside that                              provide "variable wattage" so you can adjust the power going to the atomizer and some are                              "unregulated" meaning they just provide whatever power is in the battery at the time.


•Atomizers or Tanks:  The thing that fits on the mod that holds the juice and the coils that heat up and                                 produce the vapor.


Batteries:      Rechargeable and replaceable batteries of different shapes and sizes, with different power                                   ratings.


e-Juice:          The magical liquid that comes in thousands of flavors that you pour into the atomizer or tank.


The Main Parts in More Detail:


Mods:            Mods come in all shapes and sizes and function in different ways depending on the internal                                electronic chip set that is used. To start off with, here are a few different types of mods:


           All in One        The mod and the tank are all one device.  Often the battery is built in and it must be                                            charged with a cable.


           Single Battery   A mod that takes one battery, usually called “18650” or sometimes a larger                                                             battery called a “26650.”


           Dual Battery    Just like it sounds, a mod that takes two batteries

           Triple or Quadruple Battery   Yep, some take that many batteries


Power:             All mods are rated for different amounts of power in terms of wattage.  So, some will be called                            a “DNA 40”, “DNA 75” and so on, indicating the maximum wattage output.  Some other mods                          will have a chip called a “Yihi SX” which performs differently.  Some mods are called                                           “temperature control” mods, but we won’t get into that now.

Atomizers or Tanks:


     Sub Ohm Pre Built Coil Tanks:

              These come with pre-built coils, meaning you just choose which coil insert you want and you screw it                 into the tank base. They generally are made by the manufacturer to fit only their tanks, but some are                 interchangeable.  Some coils can only fire at low wattages (20-40 watts) and some are build to fire at                 very high wattages (100 watts and over.)  These are the easiest tanks to get started with.


      RTA (rebuildable tank atomizers):

               These have tanks to hold ejuice, but the base of the tank has a deck on which you put in your own                      coils and then put cotton inside the coils.  This is not a place for beginners, but it isn’t hard either.                      You can buy coils already made or you can build your own using different kinds of wire. 


       RDTA (rebuildable dripping tank atomizers)

                These are like RTA tanks, but they usually allow for you to drop ejuice into the top of the mouthpiece                  as well as loading the juice into a tank.


       RDA or RBA (rebuildable dripping atomizers)

                 These are simply a deck with a structure upon which you build with coils and cotton, but there is no                     tank to hold ejuice.  Some have bigger juice reservoirs than other, but generally, you have to keep                    dripping your ejuice after 5-10 puffs to keep the wicking cotton full of juice.



                Mods either use replaceable and rechargeable batteries or they have an internal battery that you                       must charge with a micro USB cable.  The batteries are not the kind you are used to using and you                     must get them from a reliable vape shop or online vape dealer.  You can charge the removable                          batteries in a mod (generally only if it is a single battery mod), but it is not recommended.  You                            should get an external charger.  The most common vape battery is called an 18650.  There is also a                    larger, fatter battery that some mods can hold called a 26650.

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