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April 11, 2107

Temperature control vaping is a more advanced form of controlling your vape experience by using coil material that interfaces with mods that has the ability to sense coil temperature  The big advantage is that you never get a dry hit and your coils will last longer.  Read the article linked here for a more detailed explanation and a "how to" advisory.  As you get more into temperature vaping, you should become familiar with "escribe," the software that allows you to calibrate your mods.  Here is a link to a to a tutorial on escribe.  Unfortunately, and it pains me to say this as a Mac devotee, "escribe" only works on Windows.  You can run software on your Mac to emulate Windows or (gulp) just buy a cheap Windows laptop like the Lenovo Ideabook.  I got an open box Ideabook at Best Buy for $100.

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