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My Favorite eJuices of 2018

Everyone has their own tastes and preferences about eJuice flavors. I always find it helpful to hear from others about their experiences with different flavors. So, here are 14 flavors that I keep returning to time and again. If you want to find them, just google the name and find the best price at the time you want to buy. I have provided some links.

1. PB Clouds: I never thought I would enjoy a peanut butter flavor, but this is one of my favorites. It has a rich flavor of freshly ground peanuts with a bit of creamy overlay. You can find it at Dragons Den Vapors.

2. Cairo Fog by Worlds Best Vapors: This is an apricot and white chocolate mix. This is the one white chocolate flavor that I have found that catches the true flavor of white chocolate and the mix with Apricot makes its sweet and a little tangy.

3. Banana Butt Right Cheek: They describe this flavor as banana cream pie with a crust. For some reason, this does extremely well in pod systems.

4. Emerald by e-Phoenix: You have to order this from e-Phoenix but all of their flavors are wonderful. Emerald is a rich blend of crushed almonds and fresh pistachios. I also love their Jade flavor, a fruity blend of kiwi, ripe fig and coconut.

5. Lemon Tart by Dinner Lady: This is one of the best companies around. If you have ever had a lemon jell tart, this is the flavor. This is the only flavor my wife vapes and I love it too. They also make a host of other great flavors, another great one is Blackberry Crumble.

6. Corn Bread Pudding by Country Clouds: I know, it doesn't sound like a typical vape flavor, but it is really wonderful. It has a soft, smooth flavor like fresh corn bread but creamy like custard.

7. Rear Diff by Roosted: I love pumpkin and this is my favorite pumpkin spice vape.

8. The Wedding Crasher: If you have ever eaten a great carrot cake with cream cheese icing, this is the flavor for you.

9. Amish Paradise by VapenJays: I grew up in Philadelphia, not far from Amish country. There is a traditional Amish pie made from molasses and crumbs called shoofly pie and this hits it on the head. Dragons Den Vapors

10. Limelight by Vape Girl Vixens: This is a lime and marshmallow mix that is tangy and fluffy. I love lime vapes and this is one of the best.

11. Pistachio Baklava by Flak'D: Right, I know, who would want a vape with these two flavors. A guy in a vape store made me try it. I didn't like it at first, but it grew on me and I love it now. Hard to explain, but if you like dessert flavors that are a little different, give it a shot.

12. Bourbon Custard Vanilla, Camelot Exclusive Reserve: For me, this is the best custard flavor ever. It is rich and creamy with a subtle sweetness and a hint of bourbon.

13. Caramel Machiatto by Barrista: I love a sweet coffee flavored vape every once in a while and this does the trick for me.

14. Caramelized Banana by Epiclouds: I searched a long time for a great banana liquid and this is my favorite. Caramel mixed with banana just works.

15. Not Pictured: Rain Dance at VapeL1fe by Jai Haze: This one takes a little getting used to and you need to use an RDA to really get the flavor. It is described as a marriage of rich and smooth chocolate with a tropical nutty blend. Give it a few chances and you will learn to enjoy this as a great dessert flavor.

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