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Best of 2018

In a few days, I intend to post lists of my favorite vaping gear for 2018. My lists will be about the gear that I use on a regular basis and are my personal opinions. Some of the products may have come out before 2018, but they will be the ones I used in 2018.

These days, I am only using squonk mods, mech mods and a few pod systems. I prefer "direct lung" vaping, meaning more vapor production, looser draw but still good flavor. My preferences may not be yours so please take that into consideration.

So, to start off, I will list my favorite Pod systems without too much comment. Pod vaping is nice because the devices are smaller and more convenient to carry. I use pod systems when I want to carry something in my pocket or when I don't want to produce larger vapor clouds. I prefer pods with sub ohm oils, in the .4-.6 ohm range for a less restrictive draw and a decent amount of cloud production. Here are my current favorites:

1. Sigeli Fuchai Wildfox: This is an older pod system that is getting harder to find. For me, it gives the best flavor of any pod system I have used and has a very satisfying direct lung draw It holds 5.5 ml of liquid and is refillable. I wish the pods lasted longer, but it is still my favorite pod system.

2. Smok Nord: This is a new pod system that is small and easily pocketed It comes with two types of coils, sub ohm at. .6 and a 1.2 ohm coil. It only holds 2.5 ml of eliquid, but it provides a decent, though more restrictive direct lung hit than the Wildfox. Convenience is king with this pod system.

3. Joyetech Atopack Penguin: This is also an older system, but extremely reliable and provides a massive 7 ml eliquid reserve. It comes with the lowest sub ohm coil, .25 and provides an adequate direct lung hit. It provides decent flavor, not as good as the Wildfox, but better than the Nord.

4. Orion DNA Go: This is a newer pod system that has gotten generally rave reviews. I like it, but I wish the draw was a bit looser. It has a wonderful form factor and feels like a high quality product in your hand. It holds 2.5 ml of juice and has variable settings for low, medium and high voltage.

Pictures of these mods are provided below: Wildfox, Penguin, Nord and Orion.

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