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Simplicity Mods by Shaun Landry, DNA 250c Dual 20700 Squonker

I just received my long-awaited DNA 250c Dual 20700 Squonker from Simplicity Mods, by Shaun Landry.  The body is purple juma with an orange stabwood fron panel and purple Juma buttons with a matching purple juma 810 drip tip.  The craftsmanship is just perfect.  He used brass tubes that have butter smooth battery screws.  The bottle system has a long tube with a cap system that has a silicone washer seal to prevent leaking.  The hand feel is amazing, although it is a bigger mod.  99 mm high and. 65 mm at its widest point.   The placement of the 510 allows for a 25 mm RDA with no overhang.   The seams around the fitting of the front panel are just about perfect and you can’t even feel the seam.  The button through is tight, but that is the way he makes them.  Check out his work at Simplicity Mods.

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