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Two Flavor Attys: Kylan RTA and Shado RTA

I recently purchased two RTAs that were highly reviewed by some of my favorite YouTube reviewers. Both have proven to be wonderful RTAs that do produce great flavor. I have had a few problems with wicking, but after trying some different methods, they are both working well.

First, the Kylin RTA by Vandy Vapes. The retail is around $40. The Kylin comes packaged with glass tanks for both 2 ml and 6 ml setups and several additional drip tips, including a 510 drip tip adapter. The deck is a wide open postless deck with side airflow that can be built with both a single and dual coil. The juice flow control involves twisting the tank and is very easy to manipulate. The top twists off easily because of the well-knurled cap and leaves a wide open space around the center post. The airflow coming up to the coil and from the sides produces amazing flavor.

The Shado or "Omni" RTA from Shado Vapor is also a great flavor RTA. It retails for around $60. The build deck is also postless and allows for both single and dual coil builds. The deck is designed for dual coil, but Jai Haze swears by the single coil build if wicked properly. I have been using a dual coil build and found that cutting the wicks right at the small opening in the surrounding coil guards works best. Again, the flavor is excellent.

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