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Asmodus Kodamas, M17 and Minikin 2

Below are pictures of my Asmodus Kodama mods, the M17 (the taller one) and the Minikin 2. This company has sold me on their products and their customer service The Minikin arrived with the same problem others had reported, the resistance reading kept jumping all over the place. I sent it back to them, they turned it around in a day and it came back working perfectly. They sent along their Triade RDA as a bonus for my inconvenience. Both mods are just beautiful to look at and to hold. The M17 has an internal Lipo battery rather than a replaceable battery, but it lasts quite a while in normal use The screen is bright and the DNA200 provides plenty of power. The Minikin is one of my favorite mods because of the color mix. The touch screen can be a little finicky until you get used to it, but after that, it works like a dream. If price doesn't stop you, these are both great mods. In the pictures, you can see I have the new Pharaoh RTA by DigiFlavor and Rip Tripper and so far I am loving it to pieces. I put the Aromamizer Plus on the Minikin, maybe a bit big, but it just works with the most satisfying air flow of any RTA I won.

Sudbury, MA, USA

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