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April 15, 2017

Flavor Chaser or Cloud Chucker

As you spend more and more time learning about vaping, you will hear a good deal about "flavor chasers" and "cloud checkers."  Basically, if you prefer to get the fullest and most complex flavor from vaping, you will gravitate to single coil RTAs and RDAs at lower wattages.  If you want to produce huge, full clouds of vapor, you will use double coil RTAs and RDAs with complex, large coil builds or you will go for the new subohm tanks that are rated for 100-200 Watts and more using mods that can produce that kind of power.  And, it doesn't have to be either-or sometimes.  There are some amazing attys (atomizers or tanks) that produce amazing flavor while still giving you satisfying clouds.  Right now, my favorite RTA is the Skyline RTA, a flavor RTA for sure.  It is a single coil with a 5 ml tank and a good mouth to lung draw.  I have explored the new giant tanks, like the SMOK TF12 that has giant coils and can vape at 150-200 watts.  It's just not my favorite method of vaping.  You have to find your own preferences.

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