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a website and blog about the wonderful world of vaping

About Me

A Bulldog Loving Vaper

I am a sixty-seven year old union side labor lawyer. About seven years ago, after over thirty years of smoking pipes and cigars,  I took up vaping.  On that same day, my wife gave up cigarettes and joined me in vaping.  Since that day, neither of us has smoked. In the last year,  I have built up a fair collection of vaping equipment and spend far too much time learning about all the new products as they get released and reviewed.  I learned a great deal from the many great vaping websites and YouTube reviewers and to give back a little, I thought it was time to share my reviews, reflections and ruminations on this web site.  I welcome comments and questions and will do my best to respond promptly.  Thanks, Howard Lenow

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Sudbury, MA, USA

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